Our offer of secure payment

With SSL

Use of Visa / Mastercard

About these services


Security of your banking information

By paying with PayPal, you do not need to enter your card number on every websites you go on shopping.
Paypal will never communicate your account ID to the addressees of your payments.



You are totally covered in case of fraud.

That is to say, if your financial information is used without your authorization, you are entirely paid off.


The reassurance and prevention tools of PayPal are among the most successful tool of the market.
All the data recorded on your account PayPal are coded.
The exchanges of emails are also coded but we recommend you not to send by email the sensitive information as your number of account or your Social Security number. If you have to supply this kind of information, use the phone. The Paypal prevention system detects the attempts of fraud on your account. In case of doubt, the account is automatically surrounded and Paypal contacts you immediately.

Every time you receive or make a payment via PayPal, Paypal sends you a confirmation email. If you receive a confirmation email about a transaction that you did not make, warn Paypal immediately so that it can react immediately.


Thanks to the technologies used and the absence of printed matter mentioning the number of bank card, we guarantee that it is more secure to pay with its bank card on websites affiliated to PAYBOX SYSTEM than in most of the businesses from the common life. All these payment steps made between the buyer and PAYBOX SYSTEM are completely coded and protected. The used protocol is SSL coupled with the electronic banking system.

It means that the information connected to the order and the bank card numbers are not spread around the Internet. 

> The bank card number is printed on any paper, charges, credit card slip or other listing.
> The shopkeeper does not know the cards number.
> PAYBOX SYSTEM does not stock up the numbers on its server.

So, anybody has access either in a IT way, or in a printed way to the buyer bank details.

The risk of seeing hacked its bank card number during a purchase on a PAYBOX SYSTEM website is close to zero.

The various steps of reassurance:

In every request of payment, the buyer falls over of the trade server, towards the PAYBOX SYSTEM payment server, in connection with the banking world.

1. The buyer comes on a payment page coded SSL
2. Input of the card number and authorization request. The connection between the buyer and the PAYBOX SYSTEM server is established in HTTP, protocol secured with SSL, which codes all the exchanged informations. This protection protects the data sent by the Internet and guarantees to the buyer that its bank card number cannot be intercepted by a third party during its transfer towards the secured PAYBOX SYSTEM server. The PAYBOX SYSTEM homepage informs the buyer about its purchase: presentation of the storekeeper name (what guarantees that the trade has been authenticated).

3. When the card number crossed a first level of control, the PAYBOX SYSTEM server ask an authorization request towards the bank center which the storekeeper is affiliated. This is realized by Transpac, by using standardized banking protocols.

 4. The bank center of authorization sends back an authorization number or a refusal. If the payment is accepted, PAYBOX SYSTEM makes then the following operations:

- posting up the payment ticket on the buyer’s computer screen (option)

- sending the payment ticket by e-mail to the buyer and to the storekeeper

- The card number is never sent back to the storekeeper

5. Then, the buyer is automatically redirected towards the storekeeper server, where he can return to business as usual.

A special process, developed by PAYBOX Services, allows PAYBOX SYSTEM to watch in real time the carrier behavior, in particular to avoid the use of the payment server as a number card tester generated automatically, or for other kind of attacks:

-Search(Research) for BIN by increment, diversion or mask

-Increase of tries with several  expiry dates

-Address (IP) random carrier

-"nomadic" card, etc....

Check that you are on a secured mode when you are going to buy a product online.

In this case, a closed padlock appears at the bottom of the window of the browser.
And check that it is a VAD / VPC contract.

All the storekeepers using PAYBOX SYSTEM to manage and secure their deals, are identified by PAYBOX SERVICES and by a bank. A mail order selling contract identifies them. So, the buyer is protected.