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The editor makes a commitment to respect all laws concerning the implementation and the activity of this website.


The access to the URL http: // to is free. The expenses of access and use of the telecommunications network are chargeable to every user of the website, according to the methods fixed by his access providers and telecommunication operators.
It is reminded that reaching or remaining deceitfully in a computer system, hindering or falsifying the functioning of such a system, introducing or modifying deceitfully data in a computer system establishes offences liable to penalties.


It is reminded that the secrecy of the correspondences is not guaranteed on the Internet network and is up to every user of Internet to take all the measures suited to protect its own data and/or software from the contamination of viruses going on the Internet.


DOURSOUX tries hard to assure the accuracy and the update of the information broadcasted on this website, and keeps itself the right to modify, at any time and without advance notice, the contents or the display of this website. DOURSOUX cannot however protect the exhaustiveness or the absence of modification by a third party (intervention, virus).
Besides, DOURSOUX does not guarantee and will not be responsible in no way for the accuracy, the truthfulness, the current nature, the loyal and trade quality, the quality,  the not infringing nature and the availability of the information contained on the present website.

DOURSOUX disclaims all liability in case of delay, of error or of omission as for the contents of the present pages as well as in case of interruption or of unavailability of the department.
As such the responsibility of DOURSOUX could not be held on any account during consequential damage whatever they are. DOURSOUX cannot be kept responsible for any decision taken on the basis of contained information about this website, nor for the use made by a third party and relieves in particular of any responsibility ensuing from the transmission of confidential information on the Internet network.

DOURSOUX could not be kept persons in charge of elements except their control and of damage which could be possibly undergone by the technical environment of every user in particular, computers, software, network equipment (modems, telephones) and any equipment used to reach in or use the service and/or the information.
Every person willing to get one itself of the service presented on the website will have to adress DOURSOUX to inquire of the availability of this service as well as the contractual conditions and the applicable price lists


The information you would have entered at the following address http: // to will be registered for their treatment by DOURSOUX, for the sending of the request of information.
You have a right of access, modification, rectification and suppression of your data collected on this website, in the statutory conditions n°78-17 of January 6th, 1978 (modified) relative to the computing, to the files and to the liberties. To exercise it, address the administrator of the website by e-mail at the following address:


DOURSOUX is not responsible for hypertext links sticking towards the present website and the creation of hypertext links towards the url http: // to is submitted to the express agreement of the Editorial director. Hypertext links established in the direction of other websites from http: // to would not know how to, on any account, engage the responsibility of DOURSOUX in particular but in a not exclusive way as for the contents of these websites.


The user is informed that during his visit on the website, a cookie can settle down automatically and be temporarily preserved in memory or on its hard disk. A cookie is an element which does not allow to identify the user but is of use to the recording of the information relative to the browsing of this one on the website.
The users of the site recognize to have been informed about this practice and authorize DOURSOUX to use it. They can deactivate this cookie through the configuration parameters within their browser.


This whole website is a matter of the copyrights international legislation, the brands law and, in a general way, on the intellectual property, concerning each of the elements of its contents (texts, images, data, drawings, graphs, photos and sound tracks) as for its nature (choice, plan, measure of the subjects, the means of access to the data, the organization of the data). These contents, available on this website, are the exclusive property of DOURSOUX.

The copy or the representation, complete or partial, of the pages, datas and any other  element available on the website, by some process or support whether it is, is forbidden and constitutes, without express authorization and prerequisite of the editor, an counterfeit punished by articles L335-2 and following ones of the Intellectual property code.

Also, any use of the contents and the website in illegal purposes will be the object of legal proceedings towards the offenders.
By exception, certain contents (texts, images) are the property of their respective authors. Any reproduction, representation, broadcasting or repeat broadcast, complete or partial, of the contents of this site on some support or by any process whatever they are, as well as any sale, resale, broadcast or released for a third party in any way are forbidden. The failure to respect this ban constitutes a counterfeit liable to engage the civil and penal responsibility of the counterfeiter.


The contents of the website are subjected to the applicable law in France. Every user recognizes the court's jurisdiction of the French commercial Court in Paris regarding the contents and use of the website or the submission by ensuing.

According to the legislation, «no payment, whatever its nature, can be required from a private individual before obtaining one or several money loans". Article L. 321.2 of the law n°2001.1168 of December 11th, 2001.