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Reproduction du cartable cuir WWII, six séparations. Dimensions : 43 x 28 x 10 cm.


Why oh why were there no keys????

to start with it comes in a nice od slip cover which is a nice touch it keeps it clean when storing it.
The case it's self is a lovely thick dark brown smooth leather, the handle is flexible and comfortable to hold with two lovely straps to wrap around fastened with chrome yet again instead of brass. Like the originals it has the choice of three points to close the case depending on how full it is. The lock and fastener are a shiny chrome colour not brass and as per the title, why oh why was there no key, it takes a little two prong key to lock it luckily my young lady had a spare key from one of her jewellery cases which works but for 200Eur I would have expected it to have at least one.

The stamping on the side is nice but personal preference I would have liked it to be a bright gold instead it is dull and nearly blends in with the leather and the stamping is not crisp there is bleed around the letters.

If you have an original Type-A4 case insert, no worries this fits in perfectly.

When you open it up that's when the case is a big let down, instead of three lovely leather dividers you are greeted with three horrible grey fabric ones again for 200EUR I would expect it to have lovely leather ones and for some unknown reason each of these dividers have a small gap between them for a few sheets of paper but they are really not needed as there is enough space in each divider.

Now despite these comments overall this is a really lovely case for re-enactment, display or everyday use and if you are after a really lovely case then this is the one for you.

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Reproduction du cartable cuir WWII, six séparations.


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